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Welcome to South Dakotans for an Alternative

To the Death Penalty SDADP



I am Dennis (Denny) Davis, the new director for SDADP. I want to personally welcome all who visit this website and encourage you to join us in our work to repeal the Death Penalty in South Dakota. I would like at some point to come to all the districts in South Dakota to speak on the death penalty so please let me know if anyone can host such a presentation in the future. The website has easy access to your representatives or senators. Just click on Search Here and enter your county. Then e-mail and share your thoughts.


You can e-mail me any time at:

Our mailing address is:


                                PO Box 403

                                Vermillion, SD 57010

Let us know who you are and we will send you a brochure to join us so we can make South Dakota a better place to live. The death penalty diminishes us all and we have the means to incarcerate for life without parole at much less cost both to our pocket books and our consciences. We can all make a difference here by choosing life instead of state sponsored death. Thanks you for caring and making the choice for life.

Peace and all good,


Denny Davis

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